Page Rank Trend


Search Engine Marketing or Internet Marketing is a popular trend. Any company irrespective of the fact whether it is big or small, wants to explore this new domain for publicizing its product, so that more sales can be generated. The creating of website is not answer to this.  The website supported with certain SEO tools can be resulted in vibrant visibility and complete contentment.

Page rank is system developed at Stanford University for ranking web pages, Page Rank gives a unique ranking to every page on the internet. The ranking number is based on the number and quality of inbound links pointing at a page amongst other factors. The name given to Google’s link popularity measuring system. Page Rank is determined by measuring both the quantity and quality of incoming links to webpage.  For example Google has a Page Rank meter built into it, to see which web pages are considered important by Google and which aren’t. This toolbar is updated 4times in a year so you can expect it to take a while before they bar changes on your new site. The rank between 0 to 10 is best ranking a site can expect to receive. The better is the rank of the page better are the results.

The page rank is an indicator of internet visibility. It is an important factor in promotion of the website, as the page rank tells us how well web page is listed on the search engine. Each search engine builds up ballpark figures or number of values regarding your website, including its relation to other websites on the Internet, and calculates its own page rank. For marketing of website page rank is a vital tool. A skilled webmaster uses this tool efficiently to gain maximum out of it. The Search engine crawlers while ranking a site look for certain keywords, the placement of these keywords in the text is really favorable for the site.  The use of graphics in combination with text enriched website is a key to higher ranking. Apart from these basic requirements the site should be well designed and text should be properly arranged to give user friendly view to the visitor. The site should be easy to access. The meta tags should be properly placed such that better & quicker results can be seen.

These are some of tools which a accomplished webmaster uses to developed a website and to increase its visibility. The main aim of a webmaster is not just to create the presence of your company but to make that presence felt. To make your website search engine friendly to improve your sales.


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